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In Conversation with Tish Weinstock

 This September we're excited to partner with 3 inspirational women who have designed bespoke linens as part of their own curated table edits. 3 Ladies, 3 exclusive designs & 3 fabulous tables.

To end our series of At Home With's is my darling friend Tish Weinstock. Beauty Director at System Magazine, Vogue Contributor & now designer of Mrs. Alice Linens.

These orange & chocolate Placemats & Napkins are the perfect introduction to Fall Tablescaping. I hope you love Tish's edit as much as I do.   

Q&A With Tish Weinstock

Tish, thank you so much for having us. When Did you & Alice Meet?

Tish: "I first met Alice at a weekend in Scotland. Actually the same weekend I met my husband so it's a very important weekend for me. I was very enraptured by Alice's style & poise & it's been a joy getting to know her since."

What is your favourite thing about Alice?

Tish: "I love that she doesn't eat vegetables. She has an amazing image of poise & perfection but there is also a hidden side to her that's quite rebellious which I love."

You are pregnant with your second child, massive congratulations. When is your due date?

Tish: "My due date is September 4th"

What's the best advice you've received on motherhood?

Tish: "Do not beat yourself up when you don't get things quite right. There's a pressure to be perfect but perfect is impossible when raising a child. So do the best you can & take everyday as it comes."

What inspired you to choose the colours & shapes of the placemats & napkins you have designed?

Tish: "We wanted the collection to feel quite gothic & authentic to my style & tastes. I gravitated towards these beautiful reds & oranges to make them feel autumnal and Halloween-esq. It's the kind of table i'd like to sit at."

Is Halloween a big time of year for you?

Tish: "Yes, a huge time of year. My favourite occasion. I love getting dressed up & into character. Morticia Addams is a huge style inspiration for me so I try to channel my inner Morticia."

What has been your favourite character to dress up as?

Tish: "Last year my husband & I got married over Halloween weekend. I was Juliet from Baz Lurhman's 'Romeo & Juliet' & my husband was Romeo which was very special.  

Top 3 items in your edit?

Tish: "The placemats & napkins, the cutlery & the mushrooms of course!  

We've a few quick fire questions for you. A bit of fun and the important ones that I know our readers are all dying to know the answers to...

Peanut Butter or Marmite?  Marmite.

Heels, Flats or Trainers?  No shoes.

Biggest Pet Peeve? Being pregnant & hormonal, everything is my pet peeve.

What can't you travel without? My phone. Incapable of doing anything without it. Failing that, my extensive skincare routine I like to practice at all times. 

Top tip for table laying? Have someone else do it for you.

What would your superpower be? I'd like to time travel. 

Favourite book? Joan Didion's 'Play as it Lays'.

Nigh in or night out? Both. You can have a lot of fun on a night out but it is also so great to not see people, watch TV & go to bed early.

What are you wearing today? A vintage ALAÏA dress which is very Morticia Addams. 

 Lastly, finish this sentence: The way to my heart is... A charcuterie board.

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