Valérie Trayscape

CHF 406

Surprise your loved ones with Breakfast in Bed or a TV Dinner that has never looked so chic.

Introducing our delightful New Valérie Trayscape; with Linen, Crockery & Cutlery, all set on our Scalloped Rattan Breakfast Tray.

With our Breakfast Tray's practical foldable legs, it will work for a tv supper, breakfast in bed or just as a versatile and attractive tray around the house.

Valérie Trayscape:

  • 1x Natural Scalloped Rattan Breakfast Tray
  • 1x Valérie Pink Napkin
  • 1x Valérie Pink Placemat
  • 1x Pink Capri Lettuce Starter Plate
  • 1x Pink Capri Lettuce Dinner Plate
  • 1x Burnt Bamboo Crockery (5 Piece Set)
  • 1x Red Rim Water Glass

    Tray Size:

    With legs extended: L 70cm, W 40cm, H 32cm

    With legs collapsed: L55cm, W 40cm, H 13cm

    Tray Weight: 6kg

    We offer the option to personally bespoke your napkins with our Mrs. Alice monogram service. If you would like to opt for this, please enter up to 2 initials in the box provided. Please allow an extra 2-5 days from the time of your order for monogramming.

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