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Discover large vases from the iconic Mrs. Alice tablescape range

Vases aren’t just vessels for hosting faux foliage or flower bouquets. Choose something with a fitting style and design and you will liven up even the most average of hosting spaces in a matter of moments. Centrpiece vases walk the perfect line between vibrant tableware and eye-catching decorative show-stopper. Find a vase with the right style for your tablescape—and you will dazzle your guests on every occasion. This decidedly unique collection of centrpiece vases from Mrs. Alice will turn heads, command attention, and make your tablescape shine. From stunning Grace bud creations and natural rattan vessels to hypnotic Delilah shapes, Large Cordelia urns, and beyond, here you’ll find a vase to make every mealtime more memorable. Take the time to immerse yourself in this head-turning collection and discover your dream centrepiece vase. Enjoy.

The Santorini Collection