Chocolate Brown Ikat Scalloped Lampshade (30cm)

CHF 84

Our stylish Chocolate Brown Scalloped Lampshade adds a sophisticated touch to your home.

Elegant and chic, it features Serena Fresson's Ikat Fabric in a warm brown with a matching chocolate velvet trim.

This goes well with our Bardot Lamp. We love to sit this on our Aria Bedside Table and also goes well with our Serena Fresson fabrics in chocolate.

    x 1 Chocolate Brown Ikat Scalloped Lampshade (30cm, 12" )

    12 inch round

    Base: 30cm (12")
    Top: 20.5cm
    Slope: 21.5cm

    Gimble fitting with a 3cm aperture

    100% nylon

    Spot clean as needed

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