Rattan Garden Decoration Set

CHF 265

Create a beautiful soft blue table this Easter with our Rattan Garden Decoration Set 

This curated set features natural rattan, delightful spring creatures, and pretty chinoiserie accessories in blue and white.

Shot below the turrets of magnificent Belvoir Castle, just down the road from founder Alice's home.

x1 Rattan Hot Air Balloon
x2 Rattan Woven Egg - 13cm
x2 Small Raffia Rabbit
x2 Small Raffia Chick
x2 Large Raffia Bunnies
x1 Blue Chinoiserie Egg - design 1
x1 Blue Chinoiserie Egg - design 2
x1 Blue Chinoiserie Egg - design 3
x1 Blue Chinoiserie Egg - design 4
x3 Mini Rattan Vases
x1 Mrs. Alice Box

Rattan Hot Air Balloon
Height: 35.5cm

Rattan Woven Egg
Height: 13cm

Small Raffia Rabbit
Height: 7cm
Width: 21cm

Small Raffia Chick
Height: 12cm
Width: 23cm

Chinoiserie Faux Potted Boxwood Tree
Height: cm
Width: cm

Blue Chinoiserie Eggs
Width: 8cm
Length: 6cm

Pear Shaped Rattan Vase - Mini
Height: 6cm

rattan, ceramic, raffia, plastic

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