The Valentine's Collection ♥️

For All Those You Love...

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our Valentine's Collection; filled with Joyful Colours, Stylish Prints & lots of exciting Newness

I'm a believer in celebrating Valentine's with all those that I love; my girlfriends, my children, my pets... and of course my lovely husband.

Start planning your Valentine's Dinner with Mrs. Alice and make room at the table for all the loves in your life. A top tip from me would be to use our New Personalised Velvet Napkin Bows as name places, it's all in the details...

With all my love,

Claudette Toile

French Toile Gives This Quintessential Valentine's Table A Wonderfully Romantic Feel in Pretty Pink & Burgundy.
Shop Claudette Toile Tablescape
Shop Claudette Toile Tablescape

Pretty In Pink

Fall in Love with this Delightful, Feminine Table with its Soft Blush Pink & Leopard Tones.
Shop Pretty In Pink Tablescape
Shop Pretty In Pink Tablescape


A New Season Romance. This Elegant Chinoiserie Inspired Table is Rich in Floral & Fauna.

Shop Birdsong Tablescape

Shop Birdsong Tablescape
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"Move Over Gwyneth Paltrow - Alice Naylor-Leyland Brings The Tablescape To The UK"