Pink Chrysanthemum Tablecloth


Our Pink Chrysanthemum is the perfect start when laying a fresh Summer's table. 

It pairs beautifully with our classic Nancy Blush Pink Placemats, Pink Capri Dinner Plates and Bamboo Cutlery. 

Our Pink Chrysanthemum Tablecloth is included in our Lady Garden Edit. Lady Garden will receive a portion of all sales from the products included in the edit. 

100% Cotton


  • Small: 150 cm x 225 cm (59" x 88")
  • Medium: 175 cm x 275 cm (70" x 108")
  • Large: 225 x 275 cm (88.5" x 108")
  • Extra Large: 224 x 350cm (88" x 138")

Care Instructions: Hand wash or Cold Wash Only.

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