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In Conversation with Mary Charteris

 This September we're excited to partner with 3 inspirational women who have designed bespoke linens as part of their own curated table edits.

Three Ladies, three exclusive designs and three fabulous tables.

First up is my dear friend, Mary Charteris who has created an eclectic table featuring exclusively designed placemats and napkins in a nostalgic Green and Pink. Taking inspiration from her time living in LA, these linens were created to match a beloved retro dressing gown and the 70s fashion aesthetic of the Beverley Hills Hotel. 

Q&A With Mary Charteris

Mary, thank you so much for having us. Lets start with a little about the collection, what inspired you to choose the colours and shapes of the placemats and napkins you have designed?

Mary: "I have this silk dressing gown in my bedroom that I bought in LA, its exactly this green with a pink trim. I wanted to do it somewhere in my house on a sofa or something but I couldn't quite find the right colours. I knew when Alice asked me to do this she would be able to find the exact colours and she did, she nailed it. The shape of the placemats, I liked the spikey aspect - I don't think I'm spikey! But I just saw this and was like this is very me."

Your Mrs. Alice table edit is stunning, how did you curate your tablescape?

Mary: "I've always really liked pink and red together so I wanted that to run through the products in the edit. And with the green of the placemats I thought I could bring in these wonderful Green Parrot Candle Holders."

If you had to choose 3 favourites from your edit, what would they be?

Mary: "It would have to be the Pink Jug with the Emerald Handle because again I love how the spikey edges match the linens. The Candlesticks obviously! And then am I allowed to choose my linens?! " (Of course you are Mary! They're stunning!)

How long have you known Alice?

Mary: "I've known Alice since we were around 16/17. I remember going to her 17th birthday party where I had to dress up as a nurse."

What is your favourite thing about Alice?

Mary: "There's two, one is that she has a phobia of bananas, which I hear is getting better. The other is that she is honestly the most thoughtful person I have ever met."  

How do you juggle motherhood alongside your work? 

Mary: "I work at night because I'm a DJ so I spend the day with my baby and then my husband comes back from the studio and does the night time."

I hear your daughter has quite an unusual name?

Mary: "Yes her name is Wilde - after Oscar Wilde. Alice is actually her godmother. Im godmother to Nancy and it just made sense that she would be godmother to my daughter Wilde."

I hear Nancy is a bit obsessed with Wilde?

Mary: "Alice tells me that, its so sweet! Wilde is 2 at the moment and I want her to stay little so Nancy can continue to babysit her as they are so adorable together." 

Tell us a little bit more about your DJ-ing

Mary: "I've been doing it since I was about 22. Its a dream job! I mean who doesn't like listening to music? It's so much fun being able to control the mood of a room with what you choose to play and I love doing that. I mainly DJ in London and Fashion Week Parties are always fun. One which stands out was the Givenchy Purple Magazine Party at Paris Fashion Week - that was a very fun crowd."

We've a few quick fire questions for you. A bit of fun and the important ones that I know our readers are all dying to know the answers to...

Peanut Butter or Marmite? Marmite.

Heels, Flats or Trainers? Heels.

Biggest Pet Peeve? People requesting really annoying songs whilst I'm DJ-ing.

What can't you travel without? Lip Balm.

What would your superpower be? To snap my fingers and everything around me to be clean!

Top tip for table laying? Be friends with Alice.

Lastly, finish this sentence: The way to my heart is... Cookies!

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