Set Sail For


I’m delighted to share our Midsummer tableware collection, a love letter to the Greek Islands, shot at the beautiful Grace Hotel Auberge.

White Walls, Cerulean Sky, Eternal Sea. Santorini's an inspiration not just because of its sublime sunsets & amazing light but also it was where I got engaged.

So yes, this collection is about the romance of Greece & Santorini's magical spell but also the pursuit of love itself.

Love Alice x



The Tablescape...

I want to make it easy to host wonderful parties without the hassle of sourcing every object.

Chic and playful, I've curated a complete Tablescape in a Box, leaving you the fun of arranging it and enjoying the Party.

Decorating Tables is something I learnt from my Mother at a young age. I hope you get as much joy from it as we do.

Much Love, Alice x


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Timeless Elegance

Inspired by life in the English
Countryside, Mrs. Alice is devoted
to delivering joy to your home.

Originator of the Tablescape,
we aim to bring family & friends together
with timeless elegant style.