Boxwood Wreath (Set of 4)


This set of small Wreaths made of genuine Preserved Boxwood are a delightful decorative accessory to your table.

Adding texture and colour, they can be used for name cards as well as adorning napkins. Or, as Alice's mother Serena does, scatter them across a table for pure decoration.

They are designed to go with our Velvet Mini Bows; available in Ruby Red, Forest Green, Chocolate & Oat.

Pair them with our White Embroidered Jolly Nutcracker Napkins and Beatrice Tablecloth.

x4 Boxwood Wreath Set

10cm (4")

- Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading
- Every four to six weeks or so, give your preserved boxwood a light misting. You don't want the leaves to be completely wet but want to make sure they stay hydrated.
- Store in a dry, cool place with good ventilation if not in use.