Romance Bud Vase (Set of 3)


This set of 3 lovely Bud Vases are made of mouth blown clear glass. Their organic shapes and beautiful curves compliment each other perfectly for a wonderful floral arrangement.

These vases work well paired with our Raffia Pumpkin Decoration Set, Amber Speckled Water Glasses & Athena Wine Glasses. 

One Set Includes:

  • x 1 Onion Vase
  • x 1 Romance Vase
  • x 1 Pumpkin Vase

Product Sizes: 

  • Onion Vase: 9.5 cm x11 cm
  • Romance Vase: 8 cm x 16 cm
  • Pumpkin Vase: 10 cm x 11 cm

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