In Conversation with Erin O'Connor, MBE

At Home With Erin O'Connor MBE

New this September, I've asked 3 inspirational women to build their own table edits, curated from collections across the Mrs. Alice world & shot in their own homes.

First up is Iconic British-Irish Model, Mother & Writer Erin OConnor MBE whose Soft Pink & Green Table, perfectly matches her chic South London garden.
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12 Questions With Erin

1. Alice: "Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and allowing us to come into your beautiful home. We met 8 years ago at a show, and ever since then i've been inspired by how you juggle your time. You're a philanthropist, model, mother and all-around wonder woman. Quite simply, how the hell do you make it work?" 

Erin: "A lot of hard-core production planning and endless ever-growing lists! I have a massive family and so planning is essential in making sure all the children and dogs are looked after, fed and happy."

2. Alice: "We recently all saw you on top of the Union Jack Bus during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, was it magical being a part of The Queen's celebrations?"

Erin: "It was a real honour to be included with so many fab people, I think the whole country came out to celebrate and it was glorious to see."

3. Alice: "You're also an ambassador for Save The Children and Borne Charity, 2 incredible foundations. What was it about these charities that stole your heart?"

Erin: My role has evolved over the years and i'm lucky to have always had the support of the fashoin industry when considering work projects! Raising awareness and funds is absolutely essential and my work allows me to do this!

 Alice: We've a few quick fire questions for you. A bit of fun and the important ones that I know our readers are all dying to know the answers to...

4. Peanut Butter or Marmite? Peanut Butter

5. Heels, Flats or Trainers? Heels

6. What can't you travel without? My children 

7. What did you want to be when you grew up? Ice cream van owner

8. Who is your favourite Disney character? Captain Hook! We look quite similar... raven hair, love of tailoring and well groomed

9. Finish the phrase... 'the way to my heart is....' Kindness

10. Top tips for table laying? Colour is essential, delicate or bold; it's a fun way to infuse hints of your personality. Table dancing is also a must in my house...although always important to make sure all guests have finished eating.

 11. Alice: I adore your stunning pink & green table edit, please tell us, how did you curate your Mrs. Alice Table?"

Erin: "Painfully! I went on to your wonderful website and in less than 2 minutes had over 40 products in my took me a while to review and refine but seeing it all laid out today, i'm thrilled with the result.

For me it was important to go feminine with my Mrs. Alice Edit. It's a bit of departure from the fashion world, but back at home I love to use softer colours and a more natural palette." 

12. Alice: "I love the way you've taken the pieces from our collection and created a table that personafies you and your signature style. If you had to choose 3 favourites from your edit, what would they be?"

 Erin: "I'm in love with the pink fern tablecloth, I think it's often a missed opportunity when people don't use one. When I was designing my tablescape, I chose the tablecloth first, I think it sets the backdrop and theme of the table and adds character too.

With my Irish heritage, the plates remind me of shamrocks, I just love them and think the green compliments the soft pink perfectly.

 I also love how delicate the small bud vases are and whilst choosing my edit I was determined to go soft and feminine. I adore the fashion world, it's edgy and exciting, but back at home, with my family, it's my sanctuary; so going softer feels more natural."

Erin’s Mrs. Alice Table Edit is part of the new September Series which will feature more inspirational women each week.

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