In Conversation with Olympia of Greece

At Home With Olympia of Greece

Thank you to the utterly stunning HRH Princess Olympia of Greece for welcoming us into her gorgeous London home and hosting us for tea and a chat on her terrace. 

I adore Olympia's table edit, featuring our much loved & now back in stock Mushroom Plates - a creative curation that bridges the Seasons.

Whether you're laying your table for four, six, twelve or twenty-four, delight your home with treats from Mrs. Alice. 

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12 Questions With Olympia

1. Alice: "Olympia, thank you so much for having me, I'm beyond thrilled that I was able to catch you whilst you're in London. I know you spend a lot of time in both London and Greece, so I was wondering where do you call home?"

Olympia: "Greece is always in my heart, it’s my family’s birth place and I visit it as much as I can. But, London is where I was raised and my current home."

 2. Alice: "We met at a mutual friend's wedding and instantly bonded over a love of fashion! What would you say sparked your interest in the world of fashion?"

Olympia: "I’ve always loved the world of retail and always knew that I would find my place there. I studied fashion business and marketing at NYU and I hope to create my own line someday."

3. Alice: "You've modelled for so many incredible designers, including Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Cors. Who is a dream designer you would love to work with in the future?"

Olympia: "I love what I’m doing with Louis Vuitton, I’m building a great relationship with them, but Celine is on my next horizon."

  Alice: We've a few quick fire questions for you. A bit of fun and the important ones that I know our readers are all dying to know the answers to...

4. Peanut Butter or Marmite? Peanut Butter

5. Heels, Flats or Trainers? That's so tough... trainers

6. Biggest Pet Peeve? When people take food off my plate without asking!

7. What can't you travel without? Eye Mask, Lip Balm & Hairdryer

8. What would your superpower be? Time travel

9. The way to my heart is... Popcorn and a movie

10. Top tip for table laying? Call my mum...? Or Mrs. Alice!

  11. Alice: "Your Mrs. Alice table edit is stunning, I how did you curate your tablescape?"

Olympia: "I knew I wanted to lay my table on the terrace and so thought the green linen and decorations would look lovely with the green vines and foliage. I also wanted to ensure the table felt Autumnal but not too brown..."

12. Alice: "I think you achieved your goals and exceeded them. I especially love how you took a table for four and worked with the smaller tabletop space. If you had to choose 3 favourites from your edit, what would they be?"

 Olympia: "My number 1 is definitely the Mushroom Plates - I absolutely adore them and think they look so fabulous on the table with the Lace Edge Dinner Plates.

The Green Gingham Tablecloth is another favourite. I think it's perfect for all seasons and I can't wait to use it all year round.

...and lastly, I love how delicate the Pink Petal Glasses are, I really believe they complete the table and balance the colours perfectly." 

Olympia’s Mrs. Alice Table Edit is part of the new September Series which will feature more inspirational women each week.

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