Double Potted Boxwood Balls (Pair)


Our elegant Pair of Double Potted Boxwood Balls can be used as a centrepiece or anywhere in the home looking for a touch of greenery.

Each terracotta pot features two preserved topiary boxwood balls.

Pair with our Green Lily of The Valley Tablecloth, Lily of the Valley Dinner & Starter Plates, and Burnt Bamboo Cutlery.

x2 Double Potted Boxwood Balls

Height: 38cm (15")
Width: 12cm (4")

- Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading
- Every four to six weeks or so, give your preserved boxwood a light misting. You don't want the leaves to be completely wet but want to make sure they stay hydrated.
- Store in a dry, cool place with good ventilation if not in use.