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Christmas Candles | Candleware | Mrs. Alice

Christmas candles from Mrs. Alice’s hand-selected range of festive designs. Light up your festive tablescape with something special from our captivating collection of Christmas candles. Choose from a vibrant range of festive colours and delicate designs. From classic silvers and golds to eye-catching chocolate tones and apple green, sleek pillar candles, frosted pine tree designs, and beyond, here you’ll find something to make this year’s celebrations magnificent. Hand-curated by the one and only Mrs. Alice Naylor-Leyland, these Christmas candles will make sensational centrepieces for your seasonal tablescape. Every single candle in this collection is crafted to perfection and will create the kind of ambience that will linger in the minds of your guests for years to come. Your dream Christmas candle is just moments away. Make your seasonal tablescape stand out with Christmas candles from Mrs. Alice.

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